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Animal Kids Yoga/Yoga Games

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Clasp hands together to make the elephant trunk with an elephant sound! The rag doll pose for gorilla then jump back to downward dog and bark. Lower the knees into cow and MOOO, round the spine and MEOW like a cat! There are Animal Kids Yoga - so many postures with animal names, songs and yoga stories!

Looking to try something new and active with your children?

Yoga games are a great way to get kids moving, working together, and improve their communication skills. Kids yoga games also provide the perfect opportunity to learn new poses and increase balance and flexibility.The following kids yoga games can be played with different age levels with simple adjustments. These kids yoga games can also be used anywhere as they don’t need any preparation or materials.

The Elephant Pose

Don't worry, this game doesn't involve letting the kids run around the room. This is one race that doesn't involve running—instead, the students will walk. How to play: The teacher will start by standing at one end of the room and the students will stand on the opposite end. When the teacher turns their back, the students have to walk toward the teacher. When the teacher turns around, the teacher will shout out a pose and the students will have to stop where they are and quickly get into that pose. The person that reaches the teacher first, gets to lead the game. What they learn: This game supports children in their self-control. It teaches them to be able to resist the urge to run and to be able to stop at a moment’s notice. It relies on the visual cue of the teacher in turning around and it teaches the kids to follow the instructions they're told.

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