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Kids Yoga Classes in Altrincham!

Every Wednesday,Friday evenings.

Kids Yoga is a fun way to introduce Children to Yoga’s calming and meditative aspects. Recent studies have shown that Children who practice Yoga benefit hugely, in both mental and physical ways.

The children’s yoga class consists of easy yoga postures and simple meditative techniques, like sitting still in easy an meditation pose, for a short period of time. This helps develope a deeper level of self awareness and confidence within the child.

Kids Yoga takes children age 5-12 years on a fantastical can see children journey through space, dive deep in the depths of the ocean, meet exotic jungle animals and much much more! These sessions are active and interactive with a typical class involving movement, music, relaxation, instilling an early interest in personal health and wellbeing and teaching children to proactively deal with stressful situations in a positive way. Kids Yoga sessions are typically 60 minutes in a small group (4-5 kids in a group).

Classes every Wednesday, Friday evenings: 4:30pm-5:30pm; 6pm-7pm

Fully insured Yoga Teacher. Suitable for Boys and Girls.

Yoga Studio located in Altrincham (Wa14 4EX)

Class costs £5.#goldenbreadge #yogibhajan #3ho #kidsyoga #radiantchildyoga #tiagasimranacademy sageyoga.com

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