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Our varied sessions offer impactful learning experiences to help build confidence and wellbeing.


Female Circle of Sisterhood

Our female ancestors regularly created sacred spaces to connect, share, empower, support, and nurture each other. When we sit in a women’s circle,
we fully connect and support sisterhood in a safe space. Celebrate the divine feminine, to encourage originality and uniqueness in ourselves and our sisters.


Neurographics Art Therapy

Neurographic Art is a technique that encourages drawing freeform lines or 'neuro lines'. To define the connection between the conscious and unconscious, accessing the inner self through a specific method that in turn produces beautiful works of art.


Cacao Dance Tribe

An opportunity to dance and move - judgement free - as the freest version of yourself! Drinking cacao together in a sacred ritual, where intentions are set, can unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions and connect us to ourselves and the loving energy within our body.

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