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Kids Classes

Olga will be your Yoga Mum and at times, a teacher. Doing yoga with Olga will help you:

Improve your emotional health - playful yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises will let you work through your feelings to arrive
at a more positive space;


Ensure your physical health and wellbeing - you will float off the passive couch, forget about sitting at a computer desk, and start moving all your body and not only your fingers over a keyboard or a phone;

Tune up your brain - Radiant Child Yoga has many brain-balancing exercises that activate meridian points and wake up all areas
of the brain. This translates into clarity of thinking, ability to learn and concentrate, and good physical and mental coordination. 

But most of all it will bring joy and laughter into your life!

Your Yoga Mum will do stretching exercises, play games, tell stories and make music with you whatever your age with classes for:
Babies and crawlers / Toddlers and younger kids up to 8 / 9 to 12 / And teens.

We also offer individual sessions as well as classes at schools, nurseries, and community centers. And last but not least, we organize cool Birthday Yoga Parties!!!


Kids Yoga Parties

Olga’s Sunshine Yoga Parties for Kids are aimed at children (boys and girls) from the age of 3 to 12 years old.


The parties are a yoga-based adventure individually tailored to your child’s unique interests – anything from underwater sea themes; down in the jungle or outer-space adventures to enchanting princesses; swashbuckling pirates or kids’ favourite tv/film characters.


The party includes a series of fun warm up exercises which will lead onto the exciting adventure weaving simple yoga postures into the story. Fun, non-competitive yoga-based party games are also played. All activities are inclusive and there is usually great excitement from all the children. The yoga session ends with a rest and relaxation period using visualisation techniques (i.e. by allowing the children to let their imaginations run wild whilst in a relaxed state).

Depending on your requirements our parties can last for 60 - 90 mins. To check availability and to enquire about costs, please contact Olga.

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